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Sailing San Juan del Sur

While we love to have fun, we don’t mess around while sailing in San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua! 

Our crew has decades of maritime experience. You are in good hands. Our crew is experienced, knowledgeable, and considerate of your safety. 

Meet the crew:

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Captain Gerardo

Capitain G

Captain G is one of those guys you want on your team. He laughs in the face of danger, rides a surfboard smaller than your feet, and sails the catamaran-like its embedded in his DNA. He’s been with us since we started, over 10 years ago. 

Did we mention that he’s ranked internationally as a top player of Settlers of Catan? Gerardo has been with us from the beginning and knows these waters like nobody else. He will make sure your trip will be one never to be forgotten.

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The Streak

Juliette is one of our hostesses and manager of Nica Sail. There is no slowing down, there are no breaks, and she cranks out spreadsheets with the productivity of a Chinese toy factory. She’s the epoxy in our fiberglass. Without her, Nica Sail would be under water, literally.

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Brook is the maternal figure of our Motley Crew. She was a second mom to her younger siblings while growing up and is now a new mom herself! She will extend that same motherly care to you, making certain you have everything that you need and desire to ensure that you have the best sailing experience possible!

Brook is a vegetarian, but she will still be there cheering you on with full enthusiasm as you reel in your catch of the day! This Mamacita doesn’t judge and want you to have the best day ever onboard with our amazing sailing crew!

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Denys is truly the best deckhand around. He is a little bit on the quiet side, but his heart is big! You will see that in the loving service that he provides for you, from refilling your drinks to keeping the boat on course to helping you with anything you may need, he’s your man.

Don’t be shocked if you see him serving you snacks and drinks one minute and then under the boat in full snorkeling gear the next, doing who knows what, (usually boat maintenance). Denys knows how to keep himself busy and he is a man of many skills, our team wouldn’t be complete without him.