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Sailing San Juan del Sur

While we love to have fun, we don’t mess around while sailing in San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua! 

Our crew has decades of maritime experience. You are in good hands. Our crew is experienced, knowledgeable, and considerate of your safety. 

Meet the crew:

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Captain Gerardo

Capitain G

Captain G is one of those guys you want on your team. He laughs in the face of danger, rides a surfboard smaller than your feet, and sails the catamaran-like its embedded in his DNA. He’s been with us since we started, over 10 years ago. 

Did we mention that he’s ranked internationally as a top player of Settlers of Catan? Gerardo has been with us from the beginning and knows these waters like nobody else. He will make sure your trip will be one never to be forgotten.

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The Streak

Juliette is one of our hostesses and manager of Nica Sail. There is no slowing down, there are no breaks, and she cranks out spreadsheets with the productivity of a Chinese toy factory. She’s the epoxy in our fiberglass. Without her, Nica Sail would be under water, literally.

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Brook is behind all things that have to do with organizing your bookings to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If she is hosting your trip, she will be there to greet you with a warm smile and a cold Mai Tai.

In her spare time, she loves to surf and explore all around the backroads of Nicaragua on her moto. Ask her for tips on the roads less traveled and the lesser-known hiking spots here! 



Allyson is our badass take charge super host! She has lived here in San Juan for 8 years. This girl has probably seen it all. 


She is quick, efficient and there to help & serve you with whatever you need. You are always in good hands when Allyson is on board! 


Captain Samael


Samael is our young captain who has been exploring his love for the ocean and navigating all his life! 


He began sailing at 7 years old with his father on their panga and has never stopped. He especially loves Scuba diving and is proud to be a dive master who loves all kinds of cool underwater adventures.




Our beautiful roller skating snorkeling mermaid! Yeni is our Montrealaise Cubana trilingual super host! 


Her bubbling energy is contagious and uplifts every room that she enters. 


She also has a lot of knowledge about the ocean, feel free to ask her a random sea life fact! Her answer will likely surprise you. 



Hugo is from France & he speaks French, Spanish and a little bit of English. 


He is in charge of maintaining the quality of the boat to make sure we always have a safe and fun time out in the sea. 


Hugo loves the ocean, kite surfing and to vibe to techno music! 



Melanie is our super host from France! Her calm energy is always a reassuring presence. She is someone you instantly feel comfortable around. 


Melanie is a big traveler & big lover of the sun and sea. She also loves meeting new people and sharing smiles and light!    


Doñ Juan


Doñ Juan is a blessing to our team!

One of the hardest working people you will meet, & is always smiling!

He is passionate about the sea, diving, fishing and sailing. 

A man of many talents, You maybe even get serenaded by him while on board! 

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Denys is truly the best deckhand around. He is a little bit on the quiet side, but his heart is big! You will see that in the loving service that he provides for you, from refilling your drinks to keeping the boat on course to helping you with anything you may need, he’s your man.

Don’t be shocked if you see him serving you snacks and drinks one minute and then under the boat in full snorkeling gear the next, doing who knows what, (usually boat maintenance). Denys knows how to keep himself busy and he is a man of many skills, our team wouldn’t be complete without him.